Tides in Free-fall

Why do we have two tides each day? It was always a race against time.  Frantically digging on the beach to build up the sand wall that we were making ; convinced that this time we would create a barrier high enough and strong enough to withstand the incoming tide. Of course we never did … Continue reading Tides in Free-fall

Sultans of Science

Reflections on Eye Rays As a young child I used to puzzle about how the world worked. It seemed to me that objects fell to earth very quickly – I remember wondering whether this was instantaneous or not – though my vocabulary would have been more basic! I also thought about how I could see … Continue reading Sultans of Science

Maths is Eternal – Science is Transitory

“Mathematics can create worlds which are impossible physically but possible in the mind” Marcus Du Sautoy FRS Driving along Jalan Tun Razak in Kuala Lumpur last Tuesday morning, I heard (by the miracle of podcasts) the renowned Mathematician and Fellow of the Royal Society,  Marcus Du Sautoy, interviewed on ‘the Life Scientific’ . Why did … Continue reading Maths is Eternal – Science is Transitory