Welcome to this source of fascinating, quirky and stimulating insights from the world of science…

I have always been fascinated by the development of science and the way that theories evolve over time, increasing our understanding of the world around us and through this, enabling us to understand ourselves as humans.

The story of science is made from the stories of the scientists, mathematicians, engineers and philosophers who devoted their lives to pushing back against ignorance, prejudice and superstition. This blog is dedicated to those scientific pioneers of the past and of today.

Through my professional career I have worked around the world, and I have been stimulated by the brilliance and impact of of scientific developments from almost all cultures and countries. This blog aims to reflect a truly Global View on the development of science, and to bring insights from the work of scientists from around the world.

Here, I hope to share the joy that I have gained from a constant curiousness about all branches of science and related rational thinking. I welcome your comments, views and challenges.